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You might be noticing difficulty in relationships or difficulty at home.  Maybe your parents are noticing changes in your. behavior or noticing that you've wanted to be alone even more than usual.  You might be experiencing changes in your friendships, your family, or your emotions. Sometimes it can feel like nobody understands you. But we're here to help.

Therapy is a way for you to talk to someone who cares about what you're going through. It's a safe space where you can share your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment. You can talk about anything that's on your mind, whether it's a problem you're having at school, an issue with your family, or something that's been bothering you for a long time.

I'm able to offer suggestions, let you know about some different techniques or approaches that you might not have considered, and sometimes we can bring in other members of your family so we can decide what new approaches might better serve everyone.

Each person's experience is different which is why I collaborate with my clients so that together we can work out a plan that is unique to you. We will assess for the original event and explore the situations where the event is triggered.

  1. Schedule your free, 15-minute consultation via phone or video call

  2. Learn more about the ways I can help you in therapy

  3. Begin the journey to be able to move past the impactful event to be able to show up in life as you hope to.

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