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Traumatic Birth
and Postpartum

You eagerly awaited your baby's arrival. You talked to other moms, you planned with your provider and you developed a vision for how you expected your birth story to go. Unfortunately, that wasn't how it went.  Maybe you feel disappointed in your provider, the hospital or even your body or your baby.  The people around you might try to cheer you up by pointing out the positives in the situation, but the negatives and traumatic pieces keep creeping up and getting in the way of your adaptation to motherhood.

Post Partum Stress and Anxiety Can Be Overwhelming

Postpartum Support International Perinatal Mental Health Certified- Lorain Moorehead

Maybe your birth went well but you've found that your adjustment to parenthood hasn't been what you expected.  Maybe the concerned thoughts you've noticed have morphed into constant "What if" questions that result in a sense of fear, imposter syndrome, or paralysis.  Maybe you feel disconnected from your baby (or partner) and worry that the attachment isn't what you expected.  You aren't alone. 

Anxiety keeping you up at night, even when baby is sleeping

-Feeling Overwhelmed by the conflicting tips and guidance offered to by books and the people around you.

-Having scary thoughts about bad things happening to those around you

Each person's experience is different which is why I collaborate with my clients so that together we can work out a plan that is unique to you. We will assess for postpartum anxiety and depression and move forward from there.  

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