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I'm Tired of Having to Avoid Situations Because of Worries

Perhaps you have a long documented history with anxiety, but chances are some of the symptoms you're experiencing are newer.  Maybe you're noticing avoidance of places you used to like, or worries about how your mind and body will react when you get there.  Maybe you're doubting yourself more in social situations and worrying about how other people will perceive you.

Maybe you feel the constant stress of thinking through or planning for potential situations.  Maybe something has changed or a new situation has come about that makes it harder to manage some of these things you've always been doing. 

Evidenced based therapies for Anxiety

Perfectionism can be overwhelming and debilitating, often causing individuals to set unrealistic standards and experience a constant fear of failure. If you find yourself constantly striving for perfection, feeling anxious or guilty when things aren't "perfect," and struggling to enjoy accomplishments, we're here to help. Our specialized therapy services can help you overcome perfectionism and find balance in your life. 

Memories can trigger intense emotions, physical sensations, and negative beliefs, making it difficult to move on and feel at peace. This can cause anxiety, particularly when we encounter things that remind us of those emotions.  We offer a specialized therapy that helps to 'disintegrate" or "digest" these memories so they aren't as connected to the emotions or sensations. We can also provide techniques to train the mind to recognize when a thought is just a thought (rather than an intuitions.)

and Intrusive Thoughts

Each person's experience is different which is why I collaborate with my clients so that together we can work out a plan that is unique to you. We will assess for postpartum anxiety and depression.  

  1. Schedule your free, 15-minute consultation  video call from anywhere in Arizona.

  2. Begin the journey to finding relief from your anxiety so you can enjoy your life again!

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