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Available Services

Free Initial Consultation

You can find a time in my schedule right now to get that first step out of the way. You will click the orange button, find a consultation time in my schedule and then login through a web address on a computer or the app on your phone.  We will meet for 15 minutes or so, talk about what you're looking for and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.  Next, we will decide collaboratively how to move forward whether that is with me or I may provide referrals to another provider. I recommend signing up for one of these even if you aren't quite ready to get started or need some pointers in the process. We will meet via my secure virtual/telehealth platform.

Cost: Free

EMDR Consultation 


from Arizona

I am able to provide up to 15 hours toward the EMDRIA certification process.  The 5 additional hours must come from a EMDR Consultant. As we can meet virtually, we are able to connect from a location that is convenient to you.

Offers special training in Perinatal EMDR.

Learn more here.

Initial Assessment/Standard length Session

In this session we will discuss a detailed history and review intake paperwork. I suggest planning for the full hour for this appointment.  We can develop a game plan.  I always describe this as "not a typical session."

Follow up session are 55 minutes and we will get to work on the treatment plan we've designed together. These sessions are offered through my secure virtual telehealth platform. 

Cost: $150/hour

Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners Approved Clinical Supervision

We are proud to offer high quality clinical supervision services to help support and develop the behavioral and mental health counseling workforce. We are committed to helping associate licensed behavioral and mental health counselors learn advanced skills and obtain their independent license.

Learn more:

EMDR Intensive Session

This session is available for our first EMDR resourcing session, as well as upon mutual agreement for EMDR processing sessions.  I usually recommend at least a 90 minute session for our first processing session as we get an idea of how it will go.

Some individuals prefer to have intensive, 120+ minute sessions less frequently in order to more quickly be able to clear the emotional targets.  This also might be helpful if someone hopes to have results by a deadline, such as a birth, a flight, an upcoming event.

Cost: 200+

Standard Session

Following your initial full-length appointment, standard length appointments will be 50-55 minutes. During this time we will develop and work toward our treatment plan, assess for necessary issues.  Our sessions may include assignments.

Sessions are $150/hour.  I do not work directly with insurance companies, so these fees are paid electronically after each session.  Some clients choose to use an HSA, FSA, or contact their insurance regarding their reimbursement rates.

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