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Welcome to Lorain Moorehead Counseling and Consulting, where I offer more than 15 years of psychotherapy experience via virtual appointments for anyone within the State of Arizona.


Maybe you have less patience in social situations or with loved ones or become easily annoyed or quick to anger.


Maybe you have more fear or discomfort in doing things that you used to be able to do or would like to do (like going to the store, being stuck in a line or in traffic, traveling). You may notice a racing heart, sweating, avoidance or panic.


Maybe you are trying to cope with a traumatic birth story or pregnancy that was scary, or not what you hoped. This might be in order to prepare for another child, or to find joy in your current life or post-partum.


Maybe you are making the same mistakes again and again, with people or actions, even though you know logically it's not working. 


Maybe you have an event coming up (a job, birth, wedding) and you don't want to have this looming in the background anymore, or the people around you are really pushing for change.  

I specialize in helping adults and teenagers with these concerns, whether they formed recently due to a change, a loss or with experiences you had in childhood. With my specialized approach (EMDR Therapy, DBT, Intensives), I can help you find the healing and growth you seek. EMDR Therapy Arizona, Anxiety Therapy, Supervision and Consultation


Free initial consultation, standard length appointments, intensive EMDR appointments, clinician supervision, EMDR consultation

I think finding the "right" therapist means two things: a clear and documented competency in your area of need, and just being the right fit with you.  Just one area can be great, but I think mountains can move when both components are there. For this reason, I like to maintain a network of other niche providers so clients who reach out can land exactly where they will make the most progress. When we meet for our initial consultation, we can decide if we'd like to move forward or I can connect you with a provider who has the exact specialty you're searching for.


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If you have additional questions, or are ready to meet and move forward feel free to find a spot on my schedule here:

Tel: 480-840-7543

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