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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: EMDR

The theory behind EMDR is that when a person experiences certain events, the memory of the event becomes "stuck" in the brain which triggers negative emotions and behaviors long after the event has passed.  This modality is great to help move past the "stuck" pieces, whether that be an effort to move past emotions, behaviors or reactions.

This modality is an excellent fit with trauma, recent or very far past.  Additionally, I find it to be very helpful with the clients who say "I don't see how talking is going to help me' or "I've talked about this in the past and it's still coming up."  It adds an additional element of bilateral stimulation (BLS) in order to access a different part of the brain than talking allows. 

Check out our blogs for more information on what to expect during an EMDR session and EMDR key elements.

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